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Virginia, United States


Latitude: 37.4315734, Longitude: -78.6568942


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cleopatre  Abt 1592Virginia, United States I9083
2 Marrian Lane  1871Virginia, United States I54585
3 Mary  1910Virginia, United States I12493
4 Pearl  1881Virginia, United States I118440
5 Amburn, Levi  1812Virginia, United States I29066
6 Anderson, Alcinda  May 1861Virginia, United States I57385
7 Bailey, Margaret Ann  29 Oct 1866Virginia, United States I12546
8 Bailey, Susan Elizabeth  11 Aug 1860Virginia, United States I55183
9 Ball, Clifford Eugene  14 Jul 1918Virginia, United States I167030
10 Barmore, Elizabeth  1738Virginia, United States I94333
11 Basden, Anne Frances  1818Virginia, United States I171240
12 Bennett, Ann  Abt 1809Virginia, United States I48860
13 Bennett, Eliza Louisa  9 May 1839Virginia, United States I121621
14 Bennett, Elizabeth  Abt 1800Virginia, United States I48858
15 Bennett, John R  Abt 1803Virginia, United States I48859
16 Bennett, Nancy  Abt 1630Virginia, United States I92968
17 Bennett, Richard  1643Virginia, United States I43013
18 Bennett, Sarah or Sally  Abt 1812Virginia, United States I48861
19 Bennett, William  Abt 1797Virginia, United States I48857
20 Biby, Catherine  Dec 1872Virginia, United States I28806
21 Billington, Sarah  1640Virginia, United States I95662
22 Bisom, Laura Virginia  1859Virginia, United States I103847
23 Bolling, Sarah  Virginia, United States I5863
24 Branham, John M  20 Sep 1690Virginia, United States I97838
25 Brooke, Garland C  1877Virginia, United States I115719
26 Broun, Minerva Ann  Abt 1825Virginia, United States I57359
27 Buel, William S  1909Virginia, United States I167016
28 Buell, Carlos  1912Virginia, United States I167018
29 Buell, Effie V  1906Virginia, United States I167015
30 Buell, Larkin L  1904Virginia, United States I167014
31 Buell, Martha  6 Dec 1909Virginia, United States I167017
32 Buell, Mary Magnolia  12 Sep 1915Virginia, United States I167020
33 Burns, Margaret  1823Virginia, United States I138768
34 Church, Randolph Warner  9 Mar 1907Virginia, United States I144731
35 Cleaves, Joan  1929Virginia, United States I157742
36 Clemmons, Eliza Jane  Abt 1816Virginia, United States I168061
37 Cole, Jacob Alexander  19 Feb 1868Virginia, United States I137978
38 Cook, Arthelia  Abt 1861Virginia, United States I25149
39 Corbin, Henry  Abt 1638Virginia, United States I97150
40 Coulson, John Alexander  Abt 1840Virginia, United States I137385
41 Cowden, M Harve  1884Virginia, United States I118439
42 Craig, Helen Edna  10 Aug 1893Virginia, United States I167246
43 Craig, Lewis Stevenson  1805Virginia, United States I144442
44 Crawford, Robert Leighton  2 Feb 1799Virginia, United States I100824
45 Crenshaw, Agness  Abt 1767Virginia, United States I170921
46 Crenshaw, Mary  Abt 1763Virginia, United States I170919
47 Crenshaw, Patsy  1769Virginia, United States I170923
48 Crenshaw, Susannah  Abt 1765Virginia, United States I170920
49 Crenshaw, William A  Abt 1725Virginia, United States I170911
50 Crossfield, John  Abt 1803Virginia, United States I142905

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Washington, President George  5 Apr 1732Virginia, United States I168783
2 Washington, Colonel John  11 Dec 1692Virginia, United States I168758
3 Washington, Captain Lawrence  20 Sep 1659Virginia, United States I168746


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Pochins  Abt 1653Virginia, United States I9224
2 Adams, Francis Percival  1929Virginia, United States I66089
3 Baker, Elizabeth Gwynn  1720Virginia, United States I92935
4 Baskett, Thomas  Virginia, United States I97801
5 Baskett, Thomas  1724Virginia, United States I97799
6 Bates, Anne  Virginia, United States I13065
7 Bates, Susanna  Virginia, United States I5826
8 Bennett, Christopher  1623Virginia, United States I5997
9 Bennett, Nancy  Aft 1657Virginia, United States I92968
10 Bennett, Richard  28 Aug 1626Virginia, United States I5563
11 Bennett, Robert  20 Nov 1623Virginia, United States I5575
12 Bennett, William  Abt 1800Virginia, United States I53375
13 Bernard, Philip  Bef 1709Virginia, United States I170623
14 Berry, Mary  1667Virginia, United States I5824
15 Billington, Donald W  13 Aug 2001Virginia, United States I106212
16 Bissell, Jane  Abt 1663Virginia, United States I10217
17 Black, Bennett Warren  14 Nov 1975Virginia, United States I5088
18 Bolling, Jane  4 Mar 1766Virginia, United States I5921
19 Bolling, Major John  6 Sep 1757Virginia, United States I5922
20 Bolton, Lemuel M  6 Apr 1865Virginia, United States I38335
21 Booth, Martha A  22 Aug 1901Virginia, United States I141408
22 Brunsdon, Elizabeth  7 Jul 1722Virginia, United States I94270
23 Byrd, Elizabeth  12 Mar 1710Virginia, United States I95498
24 Byrd, Mary  12 Mar 1710Virginia, United States I95497
25 Cannaday, Malinda Ada  20 Feb 1944Virginia, United States I83015
26 Cardwell, Elizabeth  1700Virginia, United States I97789
27 Catlett, Sarah  Bef 1719Virginia, United States I169069
28 Caufman, Edward Gray  5 Mar 1907Virginia, United States I54491
29 Claiborne, Rebecca  Virginia, United States I98827
30 Clements, Adam  Abt 1713Virginia, United States I97186
31 Clements, Bathsheba  Abt 1770Virginia, United States I97191
32 Coggin, Rebecca  Bef 11 Dec 1721Virginia, United States I9117
33 Conway, Millicent  28 Feb 1748Virginia, United States I169084
34 Conway, Sarah  1775Virginia, United States I169080
35 Corbin, Ann  1694Virginia, United States I97157
36 Cordray, Eleanor  1614Virginia, United States I170620
37 Crenshaw, John  1818Virginia, United States I170918
38 Crenshaw, Susannah  Bef 1812Virginia, United States I170920
39 Dandridge, William Alexander  22 Jan 1776Virginia, United States I168809
40 Downes, Elizabeth  Virginia, United States I97802
41 Fleming, Colonel Charles  8 Oct 1793Virginia, United States I5939
42 Gaines, Margaret  17 Feb 1717Virginia, United States I178139
43 Gaines, Roger  Virginia, United States I169059
44 Gaines, Thomas  1699Virginia, United States I169052
45 Gaines, Thomas  1699Virginia, United States I169055
46 Godbey, John  1761Virginia, United States I97820
47 Hawkins, Mary  Virginia, United States I95137
48 Hays, Hannah  1841Virginia, United States I97548
49 Hunt, Elizabeth  Nov 1710Virginia, United States I94369
50 Ivey, Mary  1758Virginia, United States I94263

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Samuel  Virginia, United States I92934
2 Bates, Anne  Virginia, United States I13065
3 Catlett, Margaret  Virginia, United States I169065
4 Catlett, Sarah  Virginia, United States I169069
5 Coggin, Rebecca  Virginia, United States I9117
6 Dandridge, Anna Marie  Virginia, United States I168811
7 Fleming, Elizabeth  1701Virginia, United States I53314
8 Gay, Elizabeth  Virginia, United States I53382
9 Gay, William  Virginia, United States I9154
10 Hewes, Captain Richard  Virginia, United States I168796
11 Monroe, Mary  Virginia, United States I169406
12 Randolph, Elizabeth  Virginia, United States I53385
13 Randolph, Mary  Virginia, United States I53384
14 Willis, Jane  Virginia, United States I10235
15 Woodson, Mary  Virginia, United States I170882
16 Worsham, William  Aft 1762Virginia, United States I53379


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Ball / Bennett  1708Virginia, United States F4016
2 Bennett / Goad  Abt 1735Virginia, United States F4043
3 Bennett / Rice  1729Virginia, United States F4047
4 Branham / Webb  Abt 1722Virginia, United States F31152
5 Carter / Landon  1701Virginia, United States F30314
6 Church / Goehnauer  11 Jan 1934Virginia, United States F37473
7 Claiborne / Fenn  22 Aug 1681Virginia, United States F30519
8 Clements / Johnson  1765Virginia, United States F31051
9 Dozier / Ingo  1702Virginia, United States F18753
10 Fleming / Kennedy  1689Virginia, United States F4026
11 Fleming / Randolph  Abt 1655Virginia, United States F4025
12 Fox / West  Abt 1673Virginia, United States F30530
13 Garner / Bennett  Abt 1820Virginia, United States F18357
14 Hash / Long  1923Virginia, United States F9919
15 Hill / Marshal  Abt 1670Virginia, United States F31048
16 Humphries /   1700Virginia, United States F5250
17 Hunt / Edloe  1691Virginia, United States F30637
18 Johnson / Wright  1761Virginia, United States F30084
19 Mangopeesomon /   1604Virginia, United States F5233
20 Pace / Fleming  4 Jun 1683Virginia, United States F4012
21 Parker / Peticolas  8 Apr 1868Virginia, United States F37471
22 Pearson / Howard  14 Apr 1898Virginia, United States F31888
23 Pritchett / Fulcher  18 Sep 1836Virginia, United States F8046
24 Randolph / Bolling  Abt 1714Virginia, United States F4069
25 Rice / Fisher  Abt 1707Virginia, United States F3899
26 Roberts / Hutchinson  Abt 1750Virginia, United States F18044
27 Russell / Henley  Abt 1702Virginia, United States F4052
28 Strother / Savage  1651Virginia, United States F30343
29 Washington / Warner  1690Virginia, United States F42421
30 Wood / Lucas  1760Virginia, United States F22651
31 Woodbridge / Fitzherbert  1650Virginia, United States F30383
32 Young / Catlett  Abt 1765Virginia, United States F30239