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Leicester, Leicestershire, England


Latitude: 52.6368778, Longitude: -1.1397592


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brooks, Thomas Wardle  20 May 1848Leicester, Leicestershire, England I102903
2 Burnaby, Caroline Louise  Leicester, Leicestershire, England I116755
3 Cluley, Albert  1884Leicester, Leicestershire, England I44857
4 Cluley, Alice  1871Leicester, Leicestershire, England I44867
5 Cluley, Alice  1883Leicester, Leicestershire, England I44856
6 Cluley, Annie Elizabeth  1861Leicester, Leicestershire, England I44863
7 Cluley, Edith  1898Leicester, Leicestershire, England I44861
8 Cluley, Edward  1863Leicester, Leicestershire, England I44864
9 Cluley, Eleanor  1873Leicester, Leicestershire, England I44868
10 Cluley, Ethel Florence  1892Leicester, Leicestershire, England I44860
11 Cluley, George  1865Leicester, Leicestershire, England I44865
12 Cluley, George H  1885Leicester, Leicestershire, England I44858
13 Cluley, Gertrude  1868Leicester, Leicestershire, England I44866
14 Cluley, Harold  1901Leicester, Leicestershire, England I44862
15 Cluley, Kate  1877Leicester, Leicestershire, England I44869
16 Cluley, Lizzie  1888Leicester, Leicestershire, England I44859
17 Cluley, Thomas  1870Leicester, Leicestershire, England I44704
18 Cluley, William  1860Leicester, Leicestershire, England I44847
19 de Beaumont, Adeline  1107Leicester, Leicestershire, England I13403
20 de Beaumont, Hawise  Abt 1134Leicester, Leicestershire, England I40260
21 de Beaumont, Hugh 1st Earl of Bedford  Abt 1106Leicester, Leicestershire, England I12289
22 de Beaumont, Isabel  1104Leicester, Leicestershire, England I40167
23 de Beaumont, Margaret  Abt 1125Leicester, Leicestershire, England I15445
24 de Beaumont, Margaret  Abt 1136Leicester, Leicestershire, England I15925
25 de Beaumont, Maud  Abt 1114Leicester, Leicestershire, England I12287
26 de Beaumont, Robert 2nd Earl of Warwick  1102Leicester, Leicestershire, England I14130
27 de Beaumont, Robert 2nd Earl of Leicester  1104Leicester, Leicestershire, England I15937
28 de Beaumont, Robert 3rd Earl of Leicester  1130Leicester, Leicestershire, England I15934
29 de Grantmesnil, Patronelle  Abt 1130Leicester, Leicestershire, England I12397
30 Ellicock Blake, Joseph Wamner  7 Jun 1862Leicester, Leicestershire, England I133907
31 FitzOsule, Adeliza  Abt 1035Leicester, Leicestershire, England I15389
32 Goff, Ruth  19 Dec 1859Leicester, Leicestershire, England I17339
33 Ham, Eva Helen Elizabeth  5 Nov 1885Leicester, Leicestershire, England I170999
34 Hill, Annie Elizabeth  2 Sep 1869Leicester, Leicestershire, England I17642
35 Hunt, Joane  20 Sep 1565Leicester, Leicestershire, England I39026
36 Hunt, Johane  Abt 1562Leicester, Leicestershire, England I98169
37 Hunt, Richard  1562Leicester, Leicestershire, England I97109
38 Hunt, Richard  1567Leicester, Leicestershire, England I98174
39 Hunt, Robert  Abt 1565Leicester, Leicestershire, England I39010
40 Hunt, Thomas  1564Leicester, Leicestershire, England I39025
41 Hunt, William  1 Nov 1563Leicester, Leicestershire, England I39024
42 Merchant, Mary Hannah  1865Leicester, Leicestershire, England I44848
43 Parker, Alma Moroni  9 Mar 1846Leicester, Leicestershire, England I17071
44 Parker, Gertrude  12 Jan 1886Leicester, Leicestershire, England I102306
45 Parker, Jane  1 Sep 1838Leicester, Leicestershire, England I120081
46 Parker, John  28 Apr 1818Leicester, Leicestershire, England I120079
47 Parker, Louisa  18 Sep 1848Leicester, Leicestershire, England I120085
48 Parker, Nephi Moroni  13 Mar 1845Leicester, Leicestershire, England I120084
49 Parker, William  15 Sep 1840Leicester, Leicestershire, England I120082
50 Parker, William  23 Aug 1843Leicester, Leicestershire, England I120083

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Parker, Jane  19 Sep 1838Leicester, Leicestershire, England I120081


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Cluley, Thomas  1945Leicester, Leicestershire, England I44704
2 de Beaumont, Hugh 1st Earl of Bedford  Leicester, Leicestershire, England I12289
3 de Beaumont, Margaret  Aft 1185Leicester, Leicestershire, England I15445
4 de Beaumont, Robert 2nd Earl of Leicester  5 Apr 1168Leicester, Leicestershire, England I15937
5 de Grandmesnil, Petronilla  1 Apr 1212Leicester, Leicestershire, England I15935
6 de Grantmesnil, Patronelle  1 Apr 1212Leicester, Leicestershire, England I12397
7 Despenser, Thomas  1218Leicester, Leicestershire, England I172137
8 FitzOsule, Adeliza  Bef 1088Leicester, Leicestershire, England I15389
9 Hunt, Richard  31 Dec 1616Leicester, Leicestershire, England I98174
10 Hunt, Thomas  30 Mar 1620Leicester, Leicestershire, England I39025
11 Plantagenet, Henry 3rd Earl of Leicester and Lancaster  22 Sep 1345Leicester, Leicestershire, England I40228
12 Seymour, Elizabeth  22 Jun 1557Leicester, Leicestershire, England I11454
13 Seymour, Elizabeth Baroness Cromwell  19 Mar 1568Leicester, Leicestershire, England I41950
14 Welch, Charles  17 Sep 1948Leicester, Leicestershire, England I102305


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Woollerton, George  Leicester, Leicestershire, England I174882


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Burdett / Herbert  29 Jul 1850Leicester, Leicestershire, England F17744
2 Cluley / Makin  18 Mar 1860Leicester, Leicestershire, England F17087
3 de Crophull / de la Bere  1370Leicester, Leicestershire, England F5407
4 de Senlis / Beaumont  Abt 1137Leicester, Leicestershire, England F7416
5 FitzRobert / de Beaumont  Abt 1147Leicester, Leicestershire, England F6242
6 Parker / Scott  24 Dec 1837Leicester, Leicestershire, England F8435
7 Pickard / Bott  Abt 1555Leicester, Leicestershire, England F3046
8 Welch / Parker  23 Jan 1908Leicester, Leicestershire, England F31864