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Arizona, United States


Latitude: 34.0489281, Longitude: -111.0937311


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Katahwinvah  Abt 1887Arizona, United States I161606
2 Beach, Everett Jr  Abt 1929Arizona, United States I161888
3 Beach, Norma Lee  Abt 1932Arizona, United States I161889
4 Carroll, Edward Paul  15 Jan 1937Arizona, United States I160670
5 Chamberlin, Dorothea Editha  28 Jan 1914Arizona, United States I145037
6 Doyle, Pearl  Abt 1884Arizona, United States I65354
7 Ford, Arizona  Mar 1887Arizona, United States I75560
8 Hagan, Evert Lee  29 Dec 1891Arizona, United States I162655
9 Johnson, Walter Keith  14 Nov 1918Arizona, United States I81599
10 Larson, Leland Leroy  29 Apr 1909Arizona, United States I34274
11 Matthews, Helen Roxie  20 May 1910Arizona, United States I162394
12 McKinney, Joseph Madsen  12 Jul 1901Arizona, United States I29593
13 Mott, Harry  Abt 1886Arizona, United States I161605
14 Winslow, Harry  Arizona, United States I149591
15 Yates, Elmer L  28 Jun 1928Arizona, United States I29367


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Allen, Blair Walter  13 Dec 1968Arizona, United States I150934
2 Allison, Barbara Dene  22 Jun 1980Arizona, United States I123416
3 Austin, Mark William  17 Jul 1980Arizona, United States I150777
4 Averett, Murray Gill  15 Jun 1942Arizona, United States I124134
5 Bartel, George Edward  19 Feb 2003Arizona, United States I123324
6 Bauer, Louis S  25 Oct 2003Arizona, United States I25390
7 Benson, Kent  4 Jul 1995Arizona, United States I14882
8 Biddle, Herbert E  1980Arizona, United States I141779
9 Bradberry, Bate  11 Jul 1922Arizona, United States I17633
10 Buckland, Elbridge Lawrence  30 Aug 1957Arizona, United States I157886
11 Case, Julia  15 Jun 1963Arizona, United States I80643
12 Cook, John James  1882Arizona, United States I87843
13 Dalton, Orville Clair  28 Apr 1998Arizona, United States I161134
14 Davis, Alva Charles  Dec 1983Arizona, United States I161906
15 Duncan, Archie  Apr 1963Arizona, United States I33292
16 Erickson, Glendon Clark  7 Apr 2019Arizona, United States I163007
17 Ewing, Willa Belle  10 Aug 2002Arizona, United States I160654
18 Farmer, Delma  Apr 1975Arizona, United States I24023
19 Foutz, Lois Lorraine  22 Feb 1999Arizona, United States I160987
20 Gardner, Arthur Fenton  5 May 2006Arizona, United States I25184
21 Giles, Jed Stringham  16 Jun 1980Arizona, United States I221
22 Griffin, Bobby Dean  26 Feb 2004Arizona, United States I174138
23 Harman, Grace Labelle  21 Aug 1997Arizona, United States I154826
24 Harrison, Russell Caldwell  15 Feb 1945Arizona, United States I100023
25 Hartley, Pauline H  Dec 1981Arizona, United States I57079
26 Hedlund, Melinda  10 Sep 1995Arizona, United States I154708
27 Hollaway, Connie Virgil  May 1967Arizona, United States I173858
28 Hoopes, Dorothy Irene  12 Apr 2017Arizona, United States I118621
29 Hunt, Agnes Abigail  Jun 1979Arizona, United States I74576
30 Kier, Ota Lester  1 Feb 1969Arizona, United States I138300
31 King, Marjorie Louise  21 Apr 2003Arizona, United States I138047
32 Layton, Cloyd Britt  20 Sep 1979Arizona, United States I161954
33 Marrs, John Avery  Aug 1994Arizona, United States I82629
34 Monson, Gladys Marjorie  24 Sep 2006Arizona, United States I89920
35 Neal, Carl Adelbert  1993Arizona, United States I60413
36 Nelson, John Hugh  23 Jun 1960Arizona, United States I153911
37 Noble, Joseph Bates  11 Jan 1886Arizona, United States I174987
38 Penrod, Grace  16 Dec 1985Arizona, United States I173286
39 Peters, Kenneth Eugene  23 Jul 1976Arizona, United States I143229
40 Ramsay, Dora  22 Aug 1977Arizona, United States I162097
41 Russell, Helen  13 Feb 2003Arizona, United States I61765
42 Shafer, David Patrick  18 Dec 2008Arizona, United States I37983
43 Sprague, Ralph H  3 Oct 1991Arizona, United States I127774
44 Stott, William Earl  27 Jul 2013Arizona, United States I42346
45 Traasdahl, Edward Ingeman  26 Apr 2007Arizona, United States I173668
46 Trimble, Barbara Anne  24 Feb 2006Arizona, United States I161874
47 Tyler, James Robert  11 Oct 2013Arizona, United States I160316
48 Voorhees, Clifford Norman  17 Feb 2010Arizona, United States I171389
49 Walton, William Arnold  3 Jan 2002Arizona, United States I23529
50 Whipple, Forrest Floyd  13 Oct 1996Arizona, United States I161092

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Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Allison, Barbara Dene  Arizona, United States I123416
2 Lewis, Ida  Arizona, United States I161724


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Ellsworth / Woodbury  6 Nov 1959Arizona, United States F11354
2 Martin / Cluff  1920Arizona, United States F31857
3 Matock / Nelson  Abt 1950Arizona, United States F8470


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Whipple / Peterson  31 Aug 1939Arizona, United States F41074
2 Whipple / Reidhead  4 Feb 1956Arizona, United States F41076