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Idaho, United States


Latitude: 44.0682019, Longitude: -114.7420408


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allred, Elizabeth  Abt 1866Idaho, United States I45823
2 Beck, Iris  25 Sep 1924Idaho, United States I152249
3 Bedal, Orvin  1908Idaho, United States I83273
4 Bellamy, Jerry Don  5 Mar 1936Idaho, United States I64925
5 Bohannon, Charlotte  Abt 1934Idaho, United States I50296
6 Brink, Bernice Julienne  10 Aug 1923Idaho, United States I156185
7 Cage, Margaret  3 Nov 1899Idaho, United States I158395
8 Chittenden, Bert  17 Sep 1907Idaho, United States I54030
9 Church, Arthur Ramsey  26 Sep 1902Idaho, United States I101856
10 Church, Bertha Lucinda  15 Mar 1905Idaho, United States I101857
11 Church, Mabel Minnerva  Mar 1896Idaho, United States I101854
12 Clark, Lee H  12 Jan 1912Idaho, United States I134438
13 Connor, Samuel Monte  Abt 1874Idaho, United States I107542
14 Connor, William H  Abt 1872Idaho, United States I107541
15 Constans, Dale  27 Jun 1927Idaho, United States I67950
16 Constans, Willard Freer  24 Jul 1924Idaho, United States I67949
17 Cowen, Rosemary  Abt 1910Idaho, United States I80755
18 Cox, Louisa Marie  11 May 1905Idaho, United States I158655
19 Cox, Russell Eugene  7 Jul 1936Idaho, United States I173682
20 Cox, Virginia J  Abt 1915Idaho, United States I56169
21 Cox, Whitie Elvis  13 Aug 1914Idaho, United States I173679
22 De Cordova, Delia  1894Idaho, United States I156135
23 De Cordova, Gladys J  1903Idaho, United States I156137
24 Eastburg, Evelyn  1920Idaho, United States I109790
25 Edstrom, Hirran Leroy  Abt 1899Idaho, United States I127714
26 Fenwick, Lois Pond  Abt 1920Idaho, United States I56526
27 George, Leonard Milton  1922Idaho, United States I80569
28 Gideon, Edith Gertrude  29 Apr 1903Idaho, United States I146132
29 Gideon, Genevieve Couey  1 Dec 1905Idaho, United States I146133
30 Gideon, Son  1906Idaho, United States I146134
31 Hart, Edith Alice  16 Apr 1914Idaho, United States I139261
32 Holladay, Joseph Michael  17 Jul 1942Idaho, United States I173094
33 Horne, Clara  1906Idaho, United States I146195
34 Horne, Gretta Marie  18 Apr 1902Idaho, United States I146194
35 Huckbabee, Letitia Caldonia  12 Jul 1892Idaho, United States I59582
36 Hutton, Frank  1902Idaho, United States I158731
37 Kingman, Charles Oakes  6 Jul 1886Idaho, United States I139188
38 Kingman, Myrtle  17 Feb 1879Idaho, United States I139187
39 Kingman, Sidney Francis  5 Aug 1883Idaho, United States I139180
40 Kurtz, Robert Gordon  30 Jun 1952Idaho, United States I173953
41 Lambert, Carlyle Ballif  29 Jul 1917Idaho, United States I21421
42 Long, Alta Elva  17 Dec 1909Idaho, United States I29680
43 Loop, Fern L  1906Idaho, United States I148609
44 McBirney, Marilyn  12 Mar 1939Idaho, United States I109999
45 McGrath, Bonnie Ilene  27 Nov 1915Idaho, United States I59584
46 Michaels, Corrine M  23 May 1917Idaho, United States I175246
47 Myers, Leonard  Abt 1890Idaho, United States I159350
48 Noyes, Harold  1922Idaho, United States I76279
49 Palmer, James  Idaho, United States I50069
50 Peacock, Robert Lee  9 Nov 1915Idaho, United States I146130

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christening    Person ID 
1 Craner, Marjory Ella  9 May 1925Idaho, United States I158483


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Beach, Clara Marie  9 Nov 1901Idaho, United States I147215
2 Berrett, Don Aaron  26 Sep 1979Idaho, United States I125283
3 Betterley, George Robert  24 Jan 1926Idaho, United States I155598
4 Bjorkman, Lorena  4 Aug 1986Idaho, United States I126165
5 Blakeslee, Lawrence  20 Jan 2012Idaho, United States I158722
6 Bloor, Carol  1979Idaho, United States I78485
7 Bloor, Edward  1958Idaho, United States I78484
8 Bloor, Robert  1992Idaho, United States I78486
9 Bohannon, Charlotte  Abt 1934Idaho, United States I50296
10 Broadie, Leon  19 Jun 1998Idaho, United States I158758
11 Clayton, Clella Ruth  3 Jul 1993Idaho, United States I20707
12 Cline, David  26 Jun 1955Idaho, United States I20716
13 Collins, Betty Jean  1996Idaho, United States I65109
14 Collins, Charles Herbert  4 Jun 1996Idaho, United States I26099
15 Cotton, Edith Mildred  24 Jul 2000Idaho, United States I161329
16 Craner, Hyrum Joseph  3 Dec 1987Idaho, United States I26217
17 Cranney, Cindy  Idaho, United States I108713
18 Crookston, Annie  17 Nov 1950Idaho, United States I26476
19 Day, John Bowman  11 Nov 1969Idaho, United States I160794
20 Dimick, Henrietta Jane  27 Dec 1988Idaho, United States I54061
21 Fleming, Ruth Loraine  1975Idaho, United States I101892
22 Gideon, Herman Sanford  3 Feb 1975Idaho, United States I146097
23 Godard, Myrtis G  2001Idaho, United States I140097
24 Golen, Paul Walter  25 Feb 1994Idaho, United States I160179
25 Greaves, Leo Jensen  6 Jun 1988Idaho, United States I22002
26 Hammer, Afton  20 Feb 1917Idaho, United States I15699
27 Hart, Bessie Marie  26 Mar 1991Idaho, United States I139267
28 Hart, Velma Louise  30 Jun 1992Idaho, United States I139269
29 Hightower, Mary Margaret  21 Nov 1999Idaho, United States I154953
30 Hudson, Clyde Pender  Mar 1975Idaho, United States I138142
31 Huffman, James Harrison  Mar 1935Idaho, United States I159487
32 Jennings, Everett Lee  21 Nov 1999Idaho, United States I82588
33 Jennings, Jerry L  24 Nov 2012Idaho, United States I82591
34 Jones, Edgar Dewey  4 Dec 1918Idaho, United States I162948
35 Long, Shirley G  18 Feb 2017Idaho, United States I162921
36 Mainwaring, Harriet  29 Jun 1944Idaho, United States I134634
37 Mendenhall, Leota  6 Nov 1966Idaho, United States I123449
38 Nakao, Tsuya  4 Oct 1969Idaho, United States I152522
39 Nielsen, Leon  13 Mar 1904Idaho, United States I124047
40 North, Gordon Henry  Mar 1986Idaho, United States I101867
41 Phillips, Ora Goldie  14 May 1961Idaho, United States I158547
42 Pitman, Robert Wayne  Idaho, United States I127712
43 Race, Louis Raymond  Nov 1973Idaho, United States I100012
44 Rosenkranse, Beulah Mariam  Idaho, United States I63645
45 Rowley, Grace Maude  Aft 1930Idaho, United States I140095
46 Saxton, Mark Duane  28 Oct 2012Idaho, United States I152477
47 Shiozawa, Kaichi  12 Jun 1960Idaho, United States I152521
48 Sigmund, Julius H  2 Oct 1992Idaho, United States I65859
49 Smith, Edwin  15 Feb 1902Idaho, United States I121751
50 Smith, Warren Samuel  5 Apr 1969Idaho, United States I63748

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Davis, Michael Frank  Idaho, United States I159442
2 Gohr, Nellie May  Idaho, United States I173586
3 Huffman, James Harrison  Idaho, United States I159487
4 Mitchell, Vernon  Idaho, United States I120324
5 Perkins, Venna Lovina  Idaho, United States I146303


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Ames / Hanson  28 Nov 1910Idaho, United States F23130
2 Ballif / Barnett  24 Nov 1927Idaho, United States F41597
3 Blakeslee / Carter  18 Sep 1937Idaho, United States F40488
4 Bragg / Crow  15 Apr 1946Idaho, United States F14666
5 Cobb / Fenwick  Aft 1982Idaho, United States F20176
6 Duncan / Young  25 Jan 1925Idaho, United States F14651
7 Ferguson / Atwood  24 Aug 1947Idaho, United States F39494
8 Gardiol / Jarvis  6 Jun 1948Idaho, United States F12056
9 Snell / Samsel  6 Jul 1943Idaho, United States F13963
10 Talbot / Van Leuvan  14 Jun 1932Idaho, United States F11253
11 Wilson / Brink  Abt 1940Idaho, United States F39899