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Florida, United States


Latitude: 27.6648274, Longitude: -81.5157535


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bullard, Edith Blanche  5 Jan 1905Florida, United States I84108
2 Butler, Albert Bullard  27 Jun 1937Florida, United States I84109
3 Church, Alonzo  27 Jun 1870Florida, United States I144862
4 Clark, Luella  1883Florida, United States I144710
5 Cleaves, Jane  18 Jan 1927Florida, United States I157741
6 Croom, Hardy Jr  25 Feb 1903Florida, United States I144532
7 Croom, Howard  1909Florida, United States I144533
8 Douglass, Mary  10 Mar 1830Florida, United States I85144
9 Frisbie, Edmund Louis  31 Oct 1929Florida, United States I174412
10 Graves, Lillian E  29 May 1903Florida, United States I39114
11 Heyward, Harry W  1903Florida, United States I150294
12 Heyward, Irma Ley  22 Aug 1922Florida, United States I150292
13 Howell, Elizabeth  24 Apr 1870Florida, United States I85429
14 Hutchinson, Thomas Cary  1847Florida, United States I84486
15 Lane, George Allen  1902Florida, United States I144384
16 Ley, Irma  1902Florida, United States I150295
17 Prince, Jessie  1900Florida, United States I144382
18 Prince, William Greison  1941Florida, United States I144380
19 Randolph, John Hayward  21 Jun 1908Florida, United States I144711
20 Randolph, John Winthrop  1907Florida, United States I144693
21 Rettey, Louisa Faunce  1892Florida, United States I145866
22 Valentine, Alice P  1923Florida, United States I144372


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Allen, William Seward  13 Feb 1955Florida, United States I78594
2 Atwood, Lynn Leigh  19 Dec 1909Florida, United States I74231
3 Baker, Victor H  25 Dec 1947Florida, United States I105449
4 Burleson, Earl Herbert  May 1963Florida, United States I165398
5 Carpenter, Lewis Ormand  5 Sep 1965Florida, United States I38514
6 Carter, Jeanette  15 Aug 1984Florida, United States I168959
7 Croom, Hardy Bryan Church  1904Florida, United States I144502
8 Croom, William Church  6 Jul 1854Florida, United States I144504
9 Delsonno, Pasquale  12 Jul 1965Florida, United States I150051
10 Demmon, Malcolm Howe  2 Apr 1980Florida, United States I79921
11 Denson, Lee Bryan  29 Mar 1967Florida, United States I60556
12 Dittmar, Louise  23 Aug 1959Florida, United States I145285
13 Engler, Harriet G  Florida, United States I157265
14 Ford, Hanby R  14 Dec 1972Florida, United States I60709
15 Fouts, Louis Denham  1998Florida, United States I144605
16 Furbay, Mary Helen  1966Florida, United States I145289
17 Gabus, Isabelle Etta  24 Oct 1961Florida, United States I59779
18 Gardner, Lory Tallman  1951Florida, United States I27663
19 Gates, Edna L  1987Florida, United States I76063
20 Genzmer, Sylvester Martin  13 Oct 1991Florida, United States I139292
21 Grant, Joseph J  Feb 1964Florida, United States I121338
22 Harley, Robert Eugene  Dec 1995Florida, United States I58365
23 Hartford, Robert Roland  27 Jun 1995Florida, United States I143844
24 Hatch, Henry Curtis  22 Dec 1956Florida, United States I76376
25 Hausman, Lewis W  Apr 1983Florida, United States I57344
26 Henderson, Brady Roosevelt  13 Jan 1967Florida, United States I166530
27 Jensen, Susan  11 Dec 2011Florida, United States I35222
28 Jones, Sophia A  4 Sep 1897Florida, United States I144578
29 Law, Edwin Augustus  1928Florida, United States I144847
30 Law, Robert Latta  18 Aug 1890Florida, United States I144848
31 Lee, Edward Husted  31 May 1962Florida, United States I162051
32 Love, Floyce Idelle  21 Feb 2001Florida, United States I161928
33 Mace, Betty Rebecca  26 Jun 2012Florida, United States I162454
34 Nichols, Stuart James  1 Nov 2011Florida, United States I82752
35 Passmore, Clyde Virginia  6 May 1924Florida, United States I101727
36 Pepper, James Morgan Jr  18 Feb 1974Florida, United States I150284
37 Perry, Vivienne  24 Sep 2006Florida, United States I80565
38 Peters, Peggy Wier  10 Feb 2003Florida, United States I62904
39 Prince, William Greison  1941Florida, United States I144380
40 Pritchard, Ruth C  9 Apr 1990Florida, United States I150685
41 Prosser, Phebe Jane  14 Feb 1948Florida, United States I84538
42 Renaldi, Muriel D  10 Jan 1987Florida, United States I82378
43 Robbins, Orrin Randall  14 Oct 2001Florida, United States I55269
44 Seagrave, Gardner C.  21 Apr 1999Florida, United States I27683
45 Smith, Reed Norman  12 Jan 1989Florida, United States I120186
46 Strike, Norma Louise Leston  25 Jul 1998Florida, United States I21141
47 Thomas, Anne  28 Dec 2016Florida, United States I50526
48 Whipple, Maud Estelle  Mar 1965Florida, United States I155244
49 Whipple, Robert Allen  20 Oct 1979Florida, United States I69475
50 Whitner, Captain Benjamin Franklin  1 Oct 1864Florida, United States I144268

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Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Fitch, Florence Orlean  9 Jan 1932Florida, United States I144660
2 Ford, Hanby R  Florida, United States I60709


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Randolph / Clark  4 Jul 1904Florida, United States F37462
2 Wagner / Iversen  10 Aug 1944Florida, United States F31313