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Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland


Latitude: 56.1684645, Longitude: -3.0634487


Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Wemyss, Agnes  Abt 1540Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168383
2 Wemyss, Catherine  Abt 1540Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168382
3 Wemyss, Catherine  1592Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168632
4 Wemyss, Cecilia  Abt 10 Jan 1563Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168650
5 Wemyss, Cecilia  1583Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168628
6 Wemyss, Sir David  18 Sep 1490Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168357
7 Wemyss, David  20 May 1536Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168378
8 Wemyss, Reverand David  Mar 1557Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168647
9 Wemyss, David  1586Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168629
10 Wemyss, David 2nd Earl of Wemyss  6 Sep 1610Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168592
11 Wemyss, Duncan  Abt 1545Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168385
12 Wemyss, Elizabeth  Abt 1497Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168370
13 Wemyss, Elizabeth  Abt 1538Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168380
14 Wemyss, Elizabeth  1548Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168386
15 Wemyss, Elizabeth  1572Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168654
16 Wemyss, Euphame  Abt 1547Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I99548
17 Wemyss, Helen  1596Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168633
18 Wemyss, Isabel  Abt 1568Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168653
19 Wemyss, Isabel  1588Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168630
20 Wemyss, James  Abt 1497Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168371
21 Wemyss, Sir James  1514Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168360
22 Wemyss, Janet  1510Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168358
23 Wemyss, Janet  1590Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168631
24 Wemyss, Jean  1549Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168387
25 Wemyss, Jean  1561Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168649
26 Wemyss, Jean  1609Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168591
27 Wemyss, John  Abt 1501Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168372
28 Wemyss, John  1538Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168379
29 Wemyss, Sir John  1557Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168626
30 Wemyss, Katharen  Bef 6 Apr 1630Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168597
31 Wemyss, Lady Elizabeth  1618Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168596
32 Wemyss, Margaret  Abt 1503Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168373
33 Wemyss, Margaret  1536Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168377
34 Wemyss, Margaret  1541Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168384
35 Wemyss, Margaret  Abt 1564Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168651
36 Wemyss, Mary  Abt 1612Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168593
37 Wemyss, Patrick  Abt 1493Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168368
38 Wemyss, Patrick  Abt 1535Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168376
39 Wemyss, Patrick  1566Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168652
40 Wemyss, Robert  Abt 1495Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168369


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Stewart, Janet Mary  27 Apr 1624Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168627
2 Wemyss, Agnes  16 Nov 1593Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168383
3 Wemyss, Anne  20 Sep 1643Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168595
4 Wemyss, Beatrice  20 Sep 1643Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168575
5 Wemyss, David  15 Jul 1594Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168378
6 Wemyss, David  Aug 1608Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168629
7 Wemyss, Isabel  1636Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168630
8 Wemyss, James  1558Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168371
9 Wemyss, Sir James  1640Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168648
10 Wemyss, Janet  29 Nov 1596Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168358
11 Wemyss, Sir John  27 Apr 1624Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168626
12 Wemyss, Lady Elizabeth  20 Sep 1647Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168596
13 Willey, Annah DeSilva  29 Sep 1944Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I76926


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Burial    Person ID 
1 Wemyss, Anne  Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168595
2 Wemyss, Sir David  Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168357
3 Wemyss, David  22 Feb 1596Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168378
4 Wemyss, John  4 Dec 1649Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland I168589


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Wemyss / Lundy  11 May 1492Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland F41767
2 Wemyss / Ruthven  7 May 1556Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland F41770
3 Wemyss / Sinclair  27 Jan 1511Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland F41766