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Constantinople, Byzantium



Latitude: 41.0667216, Longitude: 29.0349003


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Angelina, Anna Komnene  Abt 1176Constantinople, Byzantium I8531
2 Angelina, Eirene  Abt 1173Constantinople, Byzantium I8153
3 Angélina, Eudokia  Abt 1126Constantinople, Byzantium I8118
4 Angelina, Euphrosyne  Abt 1180Constantinople, Byzantium I41784
5 Angelina, Irene  Abt 1181Constantinople, Byzantium I41840
6 Angelina, Maria  Abt 1124Constantinople, Byzantium I8121
7 Angelina, Zoe  Abt 1128Constantinople, Byzantium I8116
8 Angelos, Alexios III Emperor of the Byzantine Empire  Abt 1153Constantinople, Byzantium I8155
9 Angelos, Alexios IV Emperor of the Byzantine Empire  Abt 1182Constantinople, Byzantium I41782
10 Angelos, Alexios Komnenos  1127Constantinople, Byzantium I8125
11 Angelos, Andronikos Doukas  Abt 1122Constantinople, Byzantium I8132
12 Angelos, Constantine  1075Constantinople, Byzantium I8127
13 Angelos, Ioannes Doukes  Abt 1126Constantinople, Byzantium I8122
14 Angelos, Ioannis  Abt 1193Constantinople, Byzantium I41783
15 Angelos, Isaac II Emperor of the Byzantine Empire  Sep 1156Constantinople, Byzantium I8130
16 Angelos, Isaak Doukas  1120Constantinople, Byzantium I8123
17 Arcadius, Flavius  1 May 374Constantinople, Byzantium I10310
18 Augustus, Flavius Honorius Western Roman Emperor  9 Sep 384Constantinople, Byzantium I6504
19 Bauto, Flavius  Abt 348Constantinople, Byzantium I14620
20 Charon, Alexios  Abt 990Constantinople, Byzantium I8022
21 Dalassene, Adriana  Abt 992Constantinople, Byzantium I8021
22 Dalassenta, Anna  Abt 1025Constantinople, Byzantium I8038
23 Doukaina, Anna  Abt 1068Constantinople, Byzantium I8081
24 Doukaina, Eirene  Abt 1066Constantinople, Byzantium I8103
25 Doukaina, Theodora  Abt 1070Constantinople, Byzantium I8080
26 Doukas, Andronikos  Abt 1036Constantinople, Byzantium I8085
27 Doukas, Ioannes  Abt 1002Constantinople, Byzantium I8082
28 Doukas, Ioannes  Abt 1012Constantinople, Byzantium I8078
29 Doukas, Michael  Abt 1061Constantinople, Byzantium I8083
30 Dukaina, Irini  Abt 1083Constantinople, Byzantium I8135
31 Eudocia, Aelia Empress of Eastern Roman Empire  392Constantinople, Byzantium I9643
32 Eudoxia, Aelia  380Constantinople, Byzantium I9648
33 Eudoxia, Licinia  422Constantinople, Byzantium I13941
34 Kamatera, Euphrosyne Doukaina  Abt 1155Constantinople, Byzantium I8154
35 Kamaterina, Theodora  Abt 1116Constantinople, Byzantium I8134
36 Kamateros, Andronikos Doukas  Abt 1110Constantinople, Byzantium I8150
37 Kamateros, Basileios  Abt 1040Constantinople, Byzantium I8133
38 Kameteros, Gregorios  Abt 1078Constantinople, Byzantium I8136
39 Kantakouzene  Abt 1118Constantinople, Byzantium I8146
40 Kastamonitissa, Euphrosyne  Abt 1125Constantinople, Byzantium I8131
41 Katamonitissa, Theodorus  1099Constantinople, Byzantium I8128
42 Komnene, Anna  1 Dec 1083Constantinople, Byzantium I8090
43 Komnene, Eudokia  1050Constantinople, Byzantium I8027
44 Komnene, Eudokia Princess of Byzantine  Abt 1192Constantinople, Byzantium I8092
45 Komnene, Maria  Abt 1045Constantinople, Byzantium I8029
46 Komnene, Maria  25 Sep 1085Constantinople, Byzantium I8089
47 Komnene, Theodora  Abt 1053Constantinople, Byzantium I8026
48 Komnene, Theodora  15 Jan 1096Constantinople, Byzantium I8126
49 Komnene, Zoe  Mar 1098Constantinople, Byzantium I8091
50 Komnenos, Adronikos  15 Apr 1091Constantinople, Byzantium I8088

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Angelina, Eirene  1203Constantinople, Byzantium I8153
2 Angelos, Alexios IV Emperor of the Byzantine Empire  8 Feb 1204Constantinople, Byzantium I41782
3 Angelos, Alexios Komnenos  1199Constantinople, Byzantium I8125
4 Angelos, Isaac II Emperor of the Byzantine Empire  Jan 1204Constantinople, Byzantium I8130
5 Arcadius, Flavius  1 May 408Constantinople, Byzantium I10310
6 Dalassenta, Anna  Abt 1102Constantinople, Byzantium I8038
7 de Candia-Nevers, Jean King of Jerusalem  27 Mar 1237Constantinople, Byzantium I9401
8 de Mowbray, John 4th Baron Mowbray  1368Constantinople, Byzantium I43416
9 de Segrave, John 4th Baron Segrave  1 Apr 1353Constantinople, Byzantium I43426
10 Eudoxia, Licinia  462Constantinople, Byzantium I13941
11 Kamateros, Andronikos Doukas  1176Constantinople, Byzantium I8150
12 Kameteros, Gregorios  1176Constantinople, Byzantium I8136
13 Komnene, Theodora  1139Constantinople, Byzantium I8126
14 Komnenos, Isaac  1 Nov 1107Constantinople, Byzantium I8028
15 Komnenos, John  12 Jul 1067Constantinople, Byzantium I8074
16 Komnenos, Nikephoros  15 Aug 1118Constantinople, Byzantium I8023
17 Pegonitissa, Eirene  Abt 1060Constantinople, Byzantium I8079
18 Pulcheria, Aelia  Jul 453Constantinople, Byzantium I13902
19 Theodosius, Flavius II, Emporer of Rome  29 Jul 450Constantinople, Byzantium I13912


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Theodosius, Flavius Emperor of Rome  Constantinople, Byzantium I6420


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Angelos / Kastamonitissa  Abt 1154Constantinople, Byzantium F4523
2 Angelos / Komnene  Abt 1120Constantinople, Byzantium F4519
3 Charon / Dalassene  Abt 1019Constantinople, Byzantium F4499
4 Kameteros / Dukaina  Abt 1100Constantinople, Byzantium F4525
5 Komnenos / Dalassenta  1042Constantinople, Byzantium F4500
6 Komnenos / Doukaina  1082Constantinople, Byzantium F4514
7 Laskaris / Angelina  1200Constantinople, Byzantium F4537
8 Theodosius / Eudocia  421Constantinople, Byzantium F4945
9 Valentinian / Eudoxia  29 Oct 437Constantinople, Byzantium F6679