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Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England


Latitude: 51.7233910, Longitude: -0.5346320


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Curtis, Joan  Abt 1470Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I10541
2 Curtis, Joan  1480Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I87496
3 Deacon, Audrie  1552Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I12104
4 Deacon, Marie  Abt 1556Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I10562
5 Gould, Alice  1483Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I87497
6 Gould, Bridget  Abt 1536Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I10545
7 Gould, Henry  1486Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I87499
8 Gould, Henry  1506Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I10538
9 Gould, Henry  Abt 1573Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I133300
10 Gould, Jeremy  26 Sep 1581Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I132871
11 Gould, Joan  Abt 1508Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I10532
12 Gould, John  1500Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I10540
13 Gould, John  Abt 1523Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I10546
14 Gould, John  Abt 1575Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I133301
15 Gould, John  Abt 1584Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I4432
16 Gould, Mary  27 Aug 1617Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I177772
17 Gould, Priscilla  3 Jun 1582Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I4431
18 Gould, Richard  1479Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I87495
19 Gould, Richard  Abt 1530Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I4430
20 Gould, Thomas  Abt 1455Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I10542
21 Gould, Thomas  1500Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I10548
22 Gould, William  1484Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I87498
23 Gould, Zaccheus  1 Oct 1589Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I4222
24 Platt, Richard  28 Sep 1603Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I129329


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Deacon, Audrie  Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I12104
2 Deacon, Marie  Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I10562
3 Gould, John  Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I4432
4 Platt, Richard  28 Sep 1603Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I129329


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Axtell, Alice  28 Jun 1546Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I94209
2 Curtis, Joan  12 Jan 1537Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I10541
3 Curtis, Joan  12 Jan 1537Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I87496
4 Deacon, Thomas  20 Jun 1582Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I10555
5 Gould, Bridget  Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I10545
6 Gould, Jeremy  Jun 1654Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I132871
7 Gould, John  20 Nov 1602Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I10546
8 Gould, John  11 Jul 1650Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I4432
9 Gould, Richard  5 May 1531Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I87495
10 Gould, Robert  1436Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I11374
11 Gould, Sarah  Abt 1635Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I19421
12 Gould, Thomas  28 Sep 1520Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I10542
13 Gould, Thomas  Abt 28 Jun 1546Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I10548
14 Gould, William  Bef 8 May 1559Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I87498
15 Mandeville, Alice Axtell  28 Jun 1546Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I10547


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Deacon, Audrie  Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England I12104


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Gould / Henninton  Abt 1570Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England F2966
2 Gould / Langley  5 Apr 1603Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England F2805
3 Gould / Mandeville  1520Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England F2964
4 Gould / Weden  1550Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England F2963
5 Gould / Young  1 Feb 1575Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England F2843
6 Putnam / Gould  16 Apr 1611Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England F2965