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Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England


Latitude: 52.2141800, Longitude: -0.5032680


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beauchamp, Sir John  1385Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I10049
2 Beauchamp, Margaret  Abt 1410Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I10048
3 Fisher, Lady Agnes  1527Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I167891
4 John, Alice Saint  Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I167910
5 Rodney, Maurice  1535Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I167913
6 Saint John, Agnes  1538Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I167892
7 Saint John, Anne  1518Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I167905
8 Saint John, Anne  1546Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I167895
9 Saint John, Cresset  15 May 1540Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I167879
10 Saint John, Francis  1559Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I167900
11 Saint John, John  18 Dec 1498Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I167903
12 Saint John, John  Abt 1530Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I167907
13 Saint John, John 2nd Baron Saint John  1544Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I167901
14 Saint John, Lady Judith  1545Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I167894
15 Saint John, Margaret  27 Jul 1533Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I167909
16 Saint John, Margaret  1547Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I167896
17 Saint John, Margery  Abt 1528Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I167906
18 Saint John, Margery  1550Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I167899
19 Saint John, Martha  1544Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I167893
20 Saint John, Sir Oliver  1522Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I167890
21 Saint John, Oliver 3rd Baron Saint John of Bletso  Bef 1542Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I167902
22 Saint John, Son  1532Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I167908
23 Saint John, Thomas  1550Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I167898
24 St John, Agnes  Abt 1429Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I9773
25 St John, Edith  Abt 1430Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I9303
26 St John, Elizabeth  1439Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I9193
27 St John, John  Abt 1426Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I10193
28 St John, Margaret  Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I9192
29 St John, Mary  Abt 1434Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I9300
30 St John, Sir Oliver  Abt 1400Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I10051
31 St John, Oliver  Abt 1428Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I9817


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Saint John, John 2nd Baron Saint John  23 Oct 1596Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I167901
2 Saint John, Oliver 3rd Baron Saint John of Bletso  2 Oct 1618Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I167902
3 Waldegrave, Lady Margaret  Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I167904
4 Walgrave, Anne Barley  1530Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I95879


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Waldegrave, Lady Margaret  Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England I167904


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Beauchamp / Stourton  Abt 1409Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England F5542
2 Butler / Saint John  1566Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England F27528
3 Saint John / Fisher  1537Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England F41708
4 St John / Beauchamp  Abt 1425Bletsoe, Bedfordshire, England F5226