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Ballarat, Victoria, Australia


Latitude: -37.5621587, Longitude: 143.8502556


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brudenell, Thomas Alfred  1883Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I100658
2 Carnell, John Thomas  15 Apr 1884Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I100654
3 Dalgleish, David James  1922Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77644
4 Dalgleish, William Thomas  1919Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77643
5 Dell, Arthur William  1868Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77702
6 Dell, Edmond Blighton  1874Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77704
7 Dell, Edmund Blyton  1866Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77701
8 Dell, Henry Thomas  1859Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77698
9 Dell, Rachel  10 Apr 1871Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77703
10 Downing, Harry  25 Jun 1861Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I104633
11 Downing, Mary  6 Mar 1858Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I104638
12 Downing, Thomas Freeman  22 Jun 1859Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I104639
13 Gingell, Douglas  1917Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77736
14 Gingell, Eunice  1913Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77734
15 Gingell, George  1885Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77731
16 Gingell, Margaret Joyce  1910Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77733
17 Gingell, Mavis  1908Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77732
18 Gingell, Norman  1917Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77735
19 Hopper, Phoebe Ann  1859Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77738
20 Ross, Alexander John  24 Apr 1863Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I119382
21 Ross, Barbara Louisa  9 Nov 1874Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I119386
22 Ross, Cathleen Jane  9 Jan 1870Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I119384
23 Ross, Jane  4 Sep 1872Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I119385
24 Ross, John Alexander  12 Nov 1865Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I119369
25 Ross, Margaret  17 Jan 1862Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I119381
26 Ross, Norman  12 May 1868Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I119383
27 Rowen, Eliza Frances  1882Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I100659
28 Trafford, Elizabeth Ruth  7 Aug 1859Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77620
29 Trafford, James George  1856Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77618
30 Trafford, James William  1868Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77678
31 Trafford, John Emanuel  20 Jan 1862Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77621
32 Trafford, Susanna Isobella  1867Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77677
33 Trafford, Theresa  5 Jul 1865Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77622
34 Trafford, William Henry  1857Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77619
35 Trahar, Caroline Annie  1880Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77729


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Brister, Edmund  1889Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77648
2 Chappell, Alice  16 Apr 1940Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77646
3 Cross, Dorothy Linda May  1982Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77661
4 Dalgleish, William Andrew  5 Aug 1955Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77642
5 Dell, Alice Maud Myra  1971Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77725
6 Dell, Grace Elizabeth  4 Jul 1968Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77724
7 Dell, Henry Thomas  1913Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77698
8 Dell, Thomas Francis Kilby  1921Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77722
9 Gingell, Douglas  1917Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77736
10 Gingell, Eunice  1913Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77734
11 Gingell, George  19 Oct 1975Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77731
12 Gingell, Margaret Joyce  1974Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77733
13 Gingell, Norman  1917Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77735
14 Pearson, Margaret Elizabeth  1945Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77721
15 Peate, Sydney Rowland  1893Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I115992
16 Trafford, John Herbert  10 Nov 1962Ballarat, Victoria, Australia I77657


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brister / Trafford  1889Ballarat, Victoria, Australia F26501
2 Downing / Freeman  2 May 1857Ballarat, Victoria, Australia F31960
3 Gingell / Dell  1907Ballarat, Victoria, Australia F26531
4 Ross / Newsom  1861Ballarat, Victoria, Australia F34242
5 Skepper / Trafford  1889Ballarat, Victoria, Australia F26503
6 Trafford / Magarity  1855Ballarat, Victoria, Australia F26494
7 Yelland / Trafford  29 Nov 1911Ballarat, Victoria, Australia F26509