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Alabama, United States


Latitude: 32.3182314, Longitude: -86.9022980


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Edward L  23 Jan 1850Alabama, United States I54561
2 Chaffin, Ella Jane  29 Dec 1890Alabama, United States I61093
3 Coleman, Harriette Newell  21 Aug 1864Alabama, United States I144833
4 Conroe, Elizabeth  14 Dec 1912Alabama, United States I57111
5 Crouch, John Edward  Jun 1861Alabama, United States I83668
6 Denson, Booth Box  1876Alabama, United States I60504
7 Denson, Malcomb K  1899Alabama, United States I60528
8 Everett, Martha Eliza  22 Mar 1820Alabama, United States I100825
9 Fitzpatrick, John H  Abt 1860Alabama, United States I54490
10 Flinn, Virginia  26 Jul 1871Alabama, United States I54477
11 Ford, Cecil B  8 Mar 1909Alabama, United States I61085
12 Ford, Daughter  20 Oct 1906Alabama, United States I61050
13 Ford, David Therman  3 Dec 1897Alabama, United States I61055
14 Ford, Ellice Hebron  22 Apr 1914Alabama, United States I61088
15 Ford, Enda Irene  11 Dec 1898Alabama, United States I61045
16 Ford, Hilton Eber  4 Mar 1902Alabama, United States I61047
17 Ford, James Tilden  26 Aug 1897Alabama, United States I61044
18 Ford, M Callie  29 Nov 1910Alabama, United States I61052
19 Ford, Mattie Lucille  11 Apr 1916Alabama, United States I61089
20 Ford, Melissa C  25 Mar 1876Alabama, United States I61033
21 Ford, Nancy  17 Apr 1880Alabama, United States I61035
22 Ford, Silas T  17 Mar 1880Alabama, United States I61034
23 Ford, Son  5 Mar 1874Alabama, United States I61030
24 Ford, Therosie Estelle  Mar 1870Alabama, United States I61028
25 Ford, Verna Augusta  6 Aug 1908Alabama, United States I61051
26 Ford, Wilber Emmitt  20 Apr 1910Alabama, United States I61086
27 Gilley, Annie May  1909Alabama, United States I102160
28 Hawkins, Marry Hettie  20 Jun 1876Alabama, United States I102147
29 Heidt, Charles Crumby  9 Jul 1888Alabama, United States I28498
30 Hyde, Ada M  Abt 1902Alabama, United States I102149
31 Hyde, Charley E  Abt 1903Alabama, United States I102150
32 Hyde, Grady W  Abt 1900Alabama, United States I102148
33 Hyde, Luther J  Abt 1907Alabama, United States I102151
34 Hyde, William G  17 Jun 1868Alabama, United States I102146
35 Jackson, Susanna Adeline  Abt 1894Alabama, United States I110959
36 Johnson, Jesse Thomas  6 Jul 1836Alabama, United States I91391
37 Love, Wilvina Ann  Jun 1857Alabama, United States I60889
38 Maddox, Loula G  Mar 1892Alabama, United States I144834
39 Maddox, Mary Elizabeth  Sep 1895Alabama, United States I144835
40 Mann, Benjamin F  1868Alabama, United States I60927
41 Martin, Eugene  1901Alabama, United States I102159
42 McCarley, David Graham  Jun 1865Alabama, United States I61038
43 McCarley, Mattie Lee  26 Aug 1897Alabama, United States I61041
44 McCarley, Middleton Mason  5 Sep 1901Alabama, United States I61042
45 McCarley, Raleigh  1893Alabama, United States I61040
46 McCarley, Sarah Raleigh  Oct 1890Alabama, United States I61039
47 McKee, Martha Ellender  15 Jul 1836Alabama, United States I60957
48 Moon, Lydia  18 Oct 1840Alabama, United States I52562
49 Mosteller, Christopher C  2 Sep 1929Alabama, United States I61083
50 Norton, Robert Francis  20 Nov 1880Alabama, United States I102156

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Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Chaffin, John Argle  7 Jan 1989Alabama, United States I61105
2 Cobb, Mary Anne  1 Apr 1915Alabama, United States I61054
3 Coleman, Harriette Newell  21 Jul 1955Alabama, United States I144833
4 Crawford, Robert Leighton  26 Sep 1853Alabama, United States I100824
5 Denson, Felix Green  9 Jun 1976Alabama, United States I60555
6 Elgin, Armistead M  Alabama, United States I54479
7 Emaline, Flossie  1992Alabama, United States I61062
8 Ford, Bernice L  1967Alabama, United States I61075
9 Ford, Daughter  20 Oct 1906Alabama, United States I61050
10 Ford, Deauntly J  1998Alabama, United States I61095
11 Ford, Ellice Hebron  22 Sep 1915Alabama, United States I61088
12 Ford, Enney L  1994Alabama, United States I61098
13 Ford, Ethel A  1978Alabama, United States I61074
14 Ford, Ferrol Melissa  1989Alabama, United States I61073
15 Ford, Garvis  2002Alabama, United States I61066
16 Ford, Henry  1985Alabama, United States I61092
17 Ford, Lawrence C  1995Alabama, United States I61100
18 Ford, Malissa Pearl  25 Jul 1986Alabama, United States I61057
19 Ford, Mary Anne  10 Aug 2002Alabama, United States I61065
20 Ford, Mattie Lucille  9 Oct 1998Alabama, United States I61089
21 Ford, Melissa C  Abt 1967Alabama, United States I61059
22 Ford, Myrtis  Nov 1957Alabama, United States I61061
23 Ford, Rolland D  1999Alabama, United States I61096
24 Ford, Roy G  1997Alabama, United States I61097
25 Ford, Ruby Jewel  1999Alabama, United States I61063
26 Ford, Russell  1991Alabama, United States I61091
27 Ford, Son  8 Mar 1874Alabama, United States I61030
28 Ford, Tennis Hutson  5 Dec 1990Alabama, United States I61087
29 Ford, Wilber Emmitt  2 Aug 1910Alabama, United States I61086
30 Ford, William P  21 Dec 1991Alabama, United States I61060
31 Huckins, Melvin Jason  25 Jul 1997Alabama, United States I66297
32 Johnson, Amanda Melvina  Alabama, United States I91388
33 McKee, Kathryn  Aft 1940Alabama, United States I54488
34 Murphy, Lucile  Alabama, United States I164676
35 Nunn, Laura Lee  1969Alabama, United States I61071
36 Reed, Dreama Kay  19 Apr 2015Alabama, United States I161265
37 Sibley, Jennifer Thomas  Aft 1920Alabama, United States I28489
38 Thames, Cornelius E Jr  Aft 1940Alabama, United States I54486


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Fitzpatrick / Elgin  5 Jun 1888Alabama, United States F19047
2 Ford / Chaffin  29 Mar 1908Alabama, United States F21062
3 Ford / Patrick  23 Oct 1896Alabama, United States F21058
4 McCarley / Ford  22 Dec 1889Alabama, United States F21057
5 Stansell / Ford  25 Dec 1896Alabama, United States F21060
6 Whipple / Souter  8 Nov 1916Alabama, United States F27947