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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Latitude: -37.8141070, Longitude: 144.9632800


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brister, Gladys Myrtle  1901Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I77651
2 Brister, Theresa Mary  1892Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I77650
3 Brister, William Henry  1890Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I77649
4 Camp, Elsie Victoria  2 Jun 1888Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I100655
5 Dell, Hazel Bruce  28 Mar 1918Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I100478
6 Fordham, John Albert  1887Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I100623
7 Francis, Shirley Elliston  1896Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I113731
8 Gourlay, John Wilson  1934Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I113729
9 Hunter, Thomas Keith  15 Dec 1913Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I100674
10 Lempriere, Bertram Norman  1896Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I114567
11 Lempriere, Florence Maude  1892Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I114565
12 Lempriere, Sidney Charles Stutely  1890Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I114563
13 Lempriere, Vera Isabella  1898Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I114569
14 Rogers, Margaret Elizabeth  1911Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I100680
15 Stubbs, Blanche  8 Jan 1900Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I113768
16 Swyer, Rita Leila  14 Apr 1888Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I115914
17 Wilson, Eva Maria  11 Jan 1881Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I116107
18 Wilson, George  6 May 1874Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I116104


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blanchard, Henry James  4 Feb 1931Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I114000
2 Blanchard, Rosamond Pridham  30 May 1949Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I114035
3 Carnell, Gwendoline Ruth  1 May 2000Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I100683
4 Cox, Joan Mary Temple  1965Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I113825
5 Dell, Hedley Alfred  21 May 1908Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I100638
6 Dunne, Alicia  18 May 1887Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I116087
7 Elliston, Alice Beatrice  17 Mar 1993Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I114383
8 Elliston, Nancy  23 Apr 1984Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I114378
9 Fordham, George Charles  14 Dec 1929Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I100614
10 Fordham, Percy  1951Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I100622
11 Francis, Edith Lilian  13 Oct 1926Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I116060
12 Francis, Shirley Elliston  1956Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I113731
13 Grueber, Frank William  7 Jan 1977Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I114475
14 Harvey, Ronald Alexander  5 Jun 1939Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I114509
15 Hill, Stanley Basden  24 Jul 1989Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I114570
16 Hunter, Thomas Keith  26 Aug 2001Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I100674
17 Lalor, Peter Fintan  9 Feb 1889Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I116086
18 Lempriere, Thomas Henry  1917Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I114262
19 Lempriere, Vera Isabella  15 Dec 1988Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I114569
20 Maxwell, Sheila Mary  15 Jul 1989Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I114538
21 Moffat, William  17 Oct 1848Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I46438
22 Preston, Ada Beryl  12 Jul 2010Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I100673
23 Preston, Hedley Alfred Irwin  20 Jan 2007Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I100671
24 Stubbs, Cecelia  13 Dec 1896Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I115273
25 Trafford, Elizabeth Ruth  1886Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I77630
26 Trafford, Elizabeth Ruth  2 Jul 1941Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I77631
27 Trafford, William George  1964Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I77632
28 Wilson, Ada  1945Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I116103
29 Wilson, George  Jul 1948Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I116104


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Blanchard, Henry James  5 Feb 1931Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I114000
2 Holder, Elizabeth  8 Jan 1925Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I100612
3 Wilson, George  10 Mar 1930Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I116100
4 Wilson, Hannah  20 Jul 1883Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I116108
5 Wilson, William  25 May 1919Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I116105


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Fahlborg / Anderson  1875Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F33707
2 Lempriere / Wilson  1910Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F33789
3 Stephens / Whitefoord  2 May 1895Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F33615