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Grue, Hedmark, Norway



Latitude: 60.4490066, Longitude: 12.1271282


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eline  Abt 1545Grue, Hedmark, Norway I49460
2 Guro  Abt 1540Grue, Hedmark, Norway I49454
3 Ingrid  1410Grue, Hedmark, Norway I41992
4 Evensen, Sjønne  Abt 1530Grue, Hedmark, Norway I49453
5 Gundersen, Tørris  Abt 1560Grue, Hedmark, Norway I49462
6 Gunnersen, Kolbjørn  Abt 1585Grue, Hedmark, Norway I49448
7 Halsteinsdatter, Eline  1545Grue, Hedmark, Norway I129248
8 Halsteinsdatter, Gunhild  Abt 1548Grue, Hedmark, Norway I42022
9 Halsteinsdatter, Rønnaug  1534Grue, Hedmark, Norway I129245
10 Halsteinsen, Gunner Ovre Nordset  1535Grue, Hedmark, Norway I129246
11 Halsteinsen, Ole  1540Grue, Hedmark, Norway I129247
12 Halsteinsen, Tørrris  1533Grue, Hedmark, Norway I129244
13 Halvorsdatter, Dorte  1524Grue, Hedmark, Norway I1132
14 Halvorsen, Amund  1530Grue, Hedmark, Norway I1064
15 Halvorsen, Oluf  1525Grue, Hedmark, Norway I1065
16 Jonson, Olav  1452Grue, Hedmark, Norway I1063
17 Olavsdatter, Anne  1500Grue, Hedmark, Norway I1066
18 Olavsdatter, Gunne  1445Grue, Hedmark, Norway I41993
19 Olavsen Mrs  1445Grue, Hedmark, Norway I42404
20 Olavsen, Semming  1442Grue, Hedmark, Norway I41990
21 Olsen, Halstein  1497Grue, Hedmark, Norway I42026
22 Semmingsen, Halvor  1472Grue, Hedmark, Norway I1067
23 Sjonnesson, Ellev  Abt 1500Grue, Hedmark, Norway I49457
24 Sjønnesdatter  Abt 1588Grue, Hedmark, Norway I49449
25 Sjønnesdatter, Goro  Abt 1560Grue, Hedmark, Norway I49455


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Eline  Bef 1601Grue, Hedmark, Norway I49460
2 Gundersen, Tørris  1630Grue, Hedmark, Norway I49462
3 Knutsdatter, Mari  1703Grue, Hedmark, Norway I129861
4 Olavsdatter, Anne  Grue, Hedmark, Norway I1066
5 Sjønnesdatter, Goro  1616Grue, Hedmark, Norway I49455
6 Sørensdotter, Eli  1754Grue, Hedmark, Norway I129851


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Nilsdatter, Catrine  14 Jun 1802Grue, Hedmark, Norway I49403


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Evensen /   Grue, Hedmark, Norway F17937
2 Gunnersen / Sjønnesdatter  Abt 1607Grue, Hedmark, Norway F17936
3 Olavsen / Olavsen  1471Grue, Hedmark, Norway F878
4 Olsen / Halvorsdatter  1529Grue, Hedmark, Norway F933
5 Semmingsen /   1441Grue, Hedmark, Norway F16306
6 Semmingsen / Olavsdatter  Abt 1520Grue, Hedmark, Norway F877
7 Tørrisen /   Abt 1584Grue, Hedmark, Norway F16307