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Nelson Wheeler Whipple

Nelson Wheeler Whipple

Male 1818 - 1887  (68 years)  Submit Photo / DocumentSubmit Photo / Document

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Son Whipple
Male 1844-1844
John Williams
Male 1840-1899
Adin Heber Brown
Male 1905-1980
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Lydia Bernard
Female 1873-1947
Wanda Grundy
Female 1904-1923
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Camilla L Davis
Female 1890-1968
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Roma Lee Bozarth
Female 1898-1998
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Miles Ismay Reay
Male 1893-1960
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Richard M Ivie
Male 1879-1962
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Revo Stott
Female 1904-1969
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Thomas Lowdell
Male 1904-1986
Son Lindsay
Male 1909-1909
Laura Lindsay
Female 1912-1912
John Lindsay
Male 1914-1914
Ruth Lorena Code
Female 1880-1939
Theda Maria Code
Female 1883-1932
Henry Codd
Male 1836-1911
Charles Maynard
Male Abt 1849-
William Whipple
Male Abt 1883-Abt 1888
Ida Whipple
Female Abt 1899-1899
Eva Mae McCabe
Female 1924-1984
Annie Baird
Female 1860-1926
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Phyllis Anderson
Female 1910-1997
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Faye Anderson
Female 1912-1975
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Ida Hayward
Female 1916-2011
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Don Wagstaff
Male 1914-1970
Ruth Broadbent
Female 1912-1982
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Amy Wagstaff
Female 1916-1992
Raymond Lee King
Male 1915-2003
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Iva Ann Sevy
Female 1897-1966
Laura E Brown
Female 1895-1973
Miriam Gilchrist
Female 1906-1979
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Bruce Gilchrist
Male 1908-1908
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Louella Whipple
Female 1888-1924
John Gilchrist
Male 1886-1909
William Oro Call
Male 1916-1991
Vinson Beck Call
Male 1920-2002
Vinson Ora Call
Male 1893-1962
Edith Rowley
Female 1919-1985
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Virginia Rowley
Female 1920-1995
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John Alma Rowley
Male 1923-1992
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Lila Geneve Luke
Female 1926-2006
Fred Rowley
Male 1931-1948
Delilah Whipple
Female 1893-1976
Albert Rowley
Male 1893-1958
Leon Whipple
Male 1930-2002
Leon Whipple
Male 1899-1966
Fern Foster
Female 1900-1988
Lexia Bateman
Female 1903-1994
Kenneth Whipple
Male 1904-1973
Edson Whipple
Male 1853-1909
Mary Ann Beck
Female 1865-1937
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Maud Rose McLain
Female 1881-1970
Helen Whipple
Female 1909-1991
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Inez Stout
Female 1916-1997
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Villa Newbold
Female 1910-1970
Eva Lucy Jensen
Female 1883-1987
Fannie Booth
Female Abt 1887-
Margaret Sinsel
Female 1921-2010
Marilyn Shaw
Female 1934-2001
Ella Whipple
Female 1884-1935
Nellie Mitchell
Female 1895-Aft 1922
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Daniel Whipple
Male 1854-1926
Ellen Hirst
Female 1862-1935
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Doris Whipple
Female 1907-1988
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Adelaide Whipple
Female 1911-1989
James Freeman
Male 1910-1987
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Jeanne Whipple
Female 1920-1967
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Zella Fay Jones
Female 1905-1992
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Leo Nelson Jones
Male 1906-1944
Tessie M Newton
Female 1909-1995
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Fred James Clark
Male 1916-2001
Mable Whipple
Female 1883-1951
Leo Arthur Jones
Male 1878-1970
Rachel Whipple
Female 1885-1886
Nelson Whipple
Male 1887-1887
Adelaide Whipple
Female 1888-1898
Lawrence Whipple
Male 1891-1934
Wilma Swett
Female 1923-1986
Dan Davidson
Male 1892-1976
Keith Leslie Whipple
Male Abt 1924-Abt 1998
Iver Whipple
Male 1926-1926
Leslie Whipple
Male 1898-1957
Mary Roberts
Female 1857-1935
Rachel Keeling
Female 1818-1910
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Elva Bartel
Female 1914-2001
Mark Gay Nasfell
Male 1913-1989
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Hazel Gay Kesler
Female 1884-1956
Dela Von Kesler
Female 1890-1934
Audrey Kesler
Female 1893-1897
Jacob Kesler
Male 1860-1937
Norma Stoddard
Female 1918-2007
Cecil Lee Hash
Male 1928-2005
John Gay Whipple
Male 1887-1949
Susannah Smuin
Female 1886-1949
June Whipple
Female 1917-2000
New chart
Serena Whipple
Female 1919-1997
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Myrtle Boley
Female 1892-1965
Marvian Whipple
Male 1896-1898
Susannah Wanless
Female 1866-1949
Ray Afton Burt
Male 1911-1988
Wanda Peterson
Female 1912-2004
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Ruth Sylvia Burt
Female 1912-1978
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Alta Mary Burt
Female 1915-2002
Daniel Fogle
Male 1911-1968
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Donald Alma Burt
Male 1921-1995
Vera Ivy Averett
Female 1924-2002
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Thomas Ray Burt
Male 1883-1923
Olga Bonato
Female 1918-1966
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Lauretta Davis
Female 1908-1999
Lucille Margetts
Female 1893-1959
Barbara Margetts
Female 1921-2010
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Gladys Rutter
Female 1901-1982
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Evva Gines
Female 1908-1955
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Ellen McConkie
Female 1916-1969
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Lois Clayton
Female 1924-1987
Aline Rawson
Female 1913-1989
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Phyllis Pettit
Female 1922-2014
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Phyllis Clayton
Female 1887-1962
Della Gay Tuttle
Female 1928-1978
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Ruth Clayton
Female 1895-1896
Vera E Epperson
Female 1894-1982
Robert Martin
Male 1915-1915
Ida Jane Whipple
Female 1894-1968
Ora Whipple
Female 1897-1956
Carolyn Whipple
Female 1934-2000
Ada Fox
Female 1910-1991
Mildred Whipple
Female 1907-1987
Marilyn Goodwin
Female 1933-1933
Miriam Whipple
Female 1907-1981
Susie Winn
Female 1874-1963
Cherry Evans
Female 1934-2016
Mary Leone Hill
Female 1902-1988
Gloria Evans
Female 1934-2012